Oizys Windows game - Indie DB
DB1 - Hello World, is there anybody outhere?

"Oizys" is a single-player, adventure, 3D puzzle-platformer that just got greenlighted for initial development. The game is a conceptual approach to feelings of solitude and loneliness and how they affect your perception.

DB2 - World, meet Alex!

Dear World, what would be of Harry Potter without the-boy-who-survived? Of American Gods, without Shadow there or even Witcher without Geralt? Would Game of Thrones be the same if one of the main characters was missing from the plot? Every story needs their protagonists, and we'd like to present to you our very own.

DB3 - World, Bottoms up! (and no... we're not talking about drinks)

Today, we bring you our mechanics, and explain our bottom-up process of development regarding Oizys!

DB4 - World, we have a problem

... Maybe not a problem-problem... But still, we need your help! Do you know how some games have the power to bring people together over a story? We, as all indie gamedevs do, hope to do the same with Oizys. Read to find out how you can help with that :)

DB5 - World, we're rebranding!

Find out how we build Oizys amazing logo (and all of the why's) - from sketches to final static logo, including all of our creative process.

DB6 - World, we're going backstage!

Today we bring you something a little different: a little making of video, with some sneak peeks about how everything is going! From videos of us, to cute lakes, and particle systems - here's a 2 min recap of everything so far!

DB7 - It's Alex Again!

Our low-poly main character, Alex is almost finished! From Modelling to Rigging, we have exciting stuff to show you!

DB8 - Plan me like one of your social media

Excel sheets, calendars, followers, community interaction, surveys, press kits - this is all you need to know about how our approach to Oizys Social Media. Spoiler Alert: It has been an headache - but it's starting to ´╗┐come together

DB9 - Sound of Silence

Sound is a big part of almost every game - and that's why we're proud to present to you the amazing people responsable for Oizys sound and some of the amazing work they've been doing!

DB10 - To feel or not to feel... Isn't that the question?

We've been talking about how the world of Oizys reflects emotions - but we have never told you exaclty how. This one is all about that!